Yellowknife residents attended CDETNO dinner and learn on wildfire

Dozens of individuals participated in the CDETNO dinner and learn event on Tuesday, May 7, as part of Wildfire Community Preparedness Day. After enjoying delicious dishes prepared by My African Cuisine, the group attended an interactive presentation by Mike Westwick, the Manager of Wildfire Prevention and Mitigation.

During a little over an hour-long session, participants were informed about the current fire situation in the NWT and the steps they can take now to protect their immediate environment.

They also had time to ask questions and, for some, express their fears in the current context.

There are currently five active fires in the N.W.T.; however, none of them pose a threat to properties as of May 7.

Some attendees believe that gaining this knowledge allows them to remain more confident, despite the devastating memories of last summer.

In the year 2023, the Northwest Territories encountered its most severe wildfire season, witnessing a staggering 306 fires that ravaged an extensive area of 3.5 million hectares. Consequently, this catastrophic event compelled the evacuation of almost half of the region’s population.