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As per recommendations from authorities concerning COVID-19, CDETNO’s employees will work remotely for the forcible future.
Therefore, our office will remain closed for an indeterminate period. You can reach us by email.

NWT Career Centre:
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Webinar: : Immigration and Employment related issues during COVID-19

This presentation will provide immigration updates. We will touch some key areas including POE, Family reunification, Temporary Resident—Visitor, Students and foreign workers, Permanent Resident and Citizenship and more!
We will also did a quick overview of Income Benefits and Supports: The Canada Emergency Benefit and Employment Insurance Program. In order to make these subjects closer to the public, the presentation will be illustrated with many real-life situations.
  • Ressources : Presentation and 3 Fact Sheet

Webinar: Universal Basic Income in the Northwest Territories

CDETNO organized a webinar on entrepreneurship and Universal Basic Income in the Northwest Territories, as an economic diversification and job creation measure.

Sira Diabira (CDÉTNO) presented the support measures for local individuals and businesses in the immediate, Gordon Ross (Career Center, Workforce Hub) presented global, national and territorial trends in employment and William Gagnon (CDÉTNO) presented objectives for the 2030 Agenda (Sustainable Development Objectives, Circular Economy, and Guaranteed Basic Income). 

Panelists Rylund Johnson (MLA, Yellowknife North), Arlene Hache (community activist, Alternatives North), Zoe Guile (activist, Our Time) and entrepreneur Étienne Croteau (Flavour Traders)  shared their views on the topic. 

Thank you for your participation!

This webinar is just the first in a series of many.

Find the webinar pdf below: