CDETNO supports French-speaking entrepreneurs who want to start a business in the Northwest Territories. We also offer services in French to existing NWT businesses in areas such as strategic planning, communications, funding applications and referrals.

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Services for entrepreneurscontact-us

  • Funding Applications: help identifying funding opportunities and drafting applications to NWT agencies
  • Market Studies: help evaluating the potential market and identifying target customers, price points, ideal locations and advertising
  • Business, marketing and communications plans: support drafting these plans
  • Business Management Support: advice on funding, inventory management, cash flow, etc.
  • Organizational Development Support: available for organizations, businesses and community groups
  • Promotion of your company/organization: through CDETNO website, RDEE Canada (The Network of Economic Development and Employability) website, social media and our monthly newsletter
  • Networking activities

Youth Entrepreneurship Initiation

CDETNO believes that is no age to start learning about business. That is why we have created a unique youth entrepreneurship project offering NWT youth a real and enriching first entrepreneurial experience.

School is the ideal environment to introduce NWT youth to the importance of entrepreneurship in their community. CDETNO, in partnership with Head Start in Business, visits schools      in the Northwest Territories to offer students (grades k-12) a number of fun and educational  activities that encourage them to imagine, create, and transform; to see the entrepreneurial potential for themselves and their community.

Services and activities for youth

  • Workshops and training on the basic concepts of entrepreneurship
  • Workshops on creating innovative ideas for the community
  • Support in the execution of a business idea
  • Support in the writing of a business plan
  • Financial education: learning about the different types of businesses in the NWT and understanding the different types of permits before getting started.
  • Workshops to develop an effective and convincing pitch (Communication)
  • Financial support in the launching of a business
  • Promotional activities and visibility: CDETNO’s website, social media, monthly newsletter…

For more information and to book an appointment:

Christian Fure

Economic Development Officer and Innovation

867-873-5962 ext. 104


Caroline Fotsin coordinates the Youth Entrepreneurship project. For more information contactor more information and to book an appointment:

Caroline Fotsin

Coordonnatrice entrepreneuriat jeunesse

867.873.5962  ext.107


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