CDETNO supports French-speaking entrepreneurs who want to start a business in the Northwest Territories. We also offer services in French to existing NWT businesses in areas such as strategic planning, communications, funding applications and referrals.

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Services for entrepreneurscontact-us

  • Funding Applications: help identifying funding opportunities and drafting applications to NWT agencies
  • Market Studies: help evaluating the potential market and identifying target customers, price points, ideal locations and advertising
  • Business, marketing and communications plans: support drafting these plans
  • Business Management Support: advice on funding, inventory management, cash flow, etc.
  • Organizational Development Support: available for organizations, businesses and community groups
  • Promotion of your company/organization: through CDETNO website, RDEE Canada (The Network of Economic Development and Employability) website, social media and our monthly newsletter
  • Networking activities

For more information and to book an appointment:

Mila Benoit

Economic Development Officer and Innovation

867-873-5962 ext. 104