Senior Consultant & Facilitator / Conseiller et animateur principal

Tait Communications and Consulting
7 novembre, 2016
Job Type


Working both independently and as part of a team, the Senior Consultant & Facilitator may be responsible for any or all of the following activities and tasks.


Meeting facilitation and workshop training

Pre-meeting: Provide strategic consulting advice to support the development and communication of sessions; meet with the clients to design and develop meeting agendas, materials and tools necessary to ensure desired outcomes are achieved during workshops/conferences; Identify key objectives and outcomes for each session.

Facilitation: Provide facilitation for both large and small groups; stimulate a constructive and clear exchange of ideas among the members and promotes feedback; utilize tools and techniques to engage participation such as (but not limited to) brainstorming sessions, role playing, walk-throughs; redirects group members to carry on with an interaction when tangents occur; ensure that the planned agenda is completed prior to the end of the allotted time or in accordance with agreed to modifications by the group; guide a group to consensus and desired outcomes; promote group participation, mutual understanding and shared responsibilities among the group by fostering open participation with respect for client culture, norms, and participant diversity.

Post-meeting: Draft and finalize reports on the results and conclusions of facilitated sessions; this includes advice to client, detailing key discussion points, issues, decisions and resulting plan and action items; prepare and deliver presentations (when required) based on facilitated sessions, including ideas generated and lessons learned.


Communications planning and business consulting

Work with other members of the Tait team in conceiving, planning, executing, managing communication, marketing, and business solutions for clients or for the firm.  This may involve, among other things, leading, directing and participating in planning and brainstorming meetings, conducting primary and secondary research, reporting on research, synthesizing results, and applying results to strategic communications, marketing or business planning constructs to develop an effective, realistic, plan.


Client liaison and relationship building

Ensure the overall satisfaction of Tait clients with the products and services provided by the firm.  This includes ensuring services are provided on time, on budget, and to Tait standards of quality.  The Senior Consultant & Facilitator is responsible for developing and maintaining strong customer relationships derived from providing excellent customer service.

The Senior Consultant & Facilitator will liaise with clients in person, by email, telephone, and through reporting to facilitate the smooth completion of projects.  At all times, client liaison will be undertaken professionally and courteously, and with extraordinary levels of customer service, even in stressful situations.

Where client issues arise, the Senior Consultant & Facilitator will take a leadership role in resolving these issues.


Supervision of contractors

The Senior Consultant & Facilitator will regularly direct and supervise the work of contractors and suppliers on client projects.


Advice and support to the team

Every employee is a member of the Tait Team.  As such, each is expected to provide support, advice and ideas to the team that will help all members of the team, the firm, and the client, achieve success.


Administrative duties

The Senior Consultant & Facilitator is responsible for his/her own administrative support.  This includes, among other things: maintaining project files according to office standards, keyboarding, formatting, and producing in-house documents and reports, organizing and preparing for meetings, and so on.  Administrative standards are managed by the Vice President, Operations, who will provide support to enable employees to undertake their own administrative functions efficiently.  Office support staff may be called upon to assist with administration where schedules permit.


Other duties

The Senior Consultant & Facilitator may be called upon, from time to time to assist with and undertake projects and activities that further the work of the firm or its clients, outside the scope of what is described above.



Core Competencies


The Senior Consultant & Facilitator is required to be fluent and comfortable with the responsibilities and competencies in three key areas:


Technical/professional skills

  • Sound strategic judgement
  • Excellent writing skills
  • Excellent oral communication skills
  • Presentation skills: the ability to speak confidently to teams, to present to clients, to represent the firm at work-related functions
  • Strength in at least one, and ideally more of Tait’s key areas of service:
    • Business, marketing, promotional, copy writing and editing
    • Marketing/communications strategy and planning
    • Strategic planning
    • Facilitation
    • Training




Professionalism and emotional intelligence

  • Interpersonal Awareness: The ability to notice, interpret, and anticipate others’ concerns and feelings, and to communicate this awareness empathetically to others.
  • Client-centred and outcomes focussed orientation:A focus on delivering outcomes, not services or outputs, for clients.
  • Initiative and problem solving: Identifying what needs to be done and doing it before being asked or before the situation requires it.
  • Ambassadorship; nurturing relationships that leads to a high level of personal credibility with clients and teammates.
  • The ability to function effectively under pressure and maintain self-control.


Problem solving and judgement

  • Analytical Thinking:Solve problems using a logical, systematic, sequential approach.
  • Forward Thinking:Anticipating the implications and consequences of situations and taking appropriate action to be prepared for possible contingencies.
  • Strategic Thinking:Solutions-based thinking, focussing on outcomes/goals, and putting in place the necessary approaches that will achieve those goals.