Produce Strategy Coodinator

27 avril, 2017
Job Type




Submission deadline: May 14, 2017

Contract amount: $10,000 (including GST).


The Yellowknife Farmers Market would like to increase the amount of produce, berries and wild harvest offered at the weekly market as an essential piece of food security in Yellowknife and to help reduce food waste generated in Yellowknife gardens.


We would like food growers and harvesters in Yellowknife to help us achieve that goal. We, therefore, propose to hire an enthusiastic, highly motivated contractor with the following general responsibilities:


  • Create a network of interested individuals who wish to bring produce, berries and wild harvest to the YKFM. This will be done by being proactive in convincing food growers and harvesters (for example, avid gardeners and harvesters, newcomers to Yellowknife with an interest in gardening, others on the cusp of wanting to grow more food, etc.) to join this grassroots initiative through one-on-one meetings and social media.
  • With information provided by the Board, develop a Fact Sheet on the YKFM Community Tables, which will be made available to food growers and harvesters to sell their products. These tables will be for food growers and harvesters who want to donate or sell their products. This Fact Sheet will need to be widely distributed and include basic guidelines for the vendors participating at the Tables.
  • Develop a simple communications plan to guide outreach activities and the Fact Sheet as well as identifying opportunities for engagement throughout the season. An advertising budget will be available.
  • We expect most of the work to focus on supporting interested food growers by helping them with, among others:
    • Connecting food growers with each other so they may share tips, decide amongst themselves who grows what and when, etc., and connecting them with experienced food growers and harvesters, if necessary.
    • Harvesting prior to the weekly Farmers Market
    • Marketing of products for the Market, including help with pricing, putting in bags, etc.
    • Set-up an easy registration system for vendors to confirm their participation and request assistance either with harvesting or marketing of their produce. This could be done with, for example, Google Doc.
    • Every Tuesday from 4 :30 PM to 7 :15 PM, from June 6 to Sept. 19, 2017, set up the Community Tables and other supplies available for these vendors at the weekly market
    • Distribution of donated products not sold at the Market to community organizations or other YKFM programs
  • Coordinate weekly advertising with Market Manager
  • Keep statistics, among others, of the type of products, volume, quantity, number of tables, number of vendors
  • Write a final report on the results of 2017 Community Table.


We are looking for an enthusiastic, highly motivated contractor that has experience with community development and engagement, as well as some gardening experience.

Proposal Contents

Proposals should be brief and include the bidder’s description of the work that would be performed and the following information:

  • For each element describe the level work of work to be performed.
  • The person or team of people who would execute the work, with descriptions of the experiences and skills of each and his/her role in the team.
  • The name of the person in your firm who would be the official contact person for any contractual relationship.
  • Examples from past projects that reflect the deliverables and scope that are listed in the scope of work.
  • An action plan with dates of execution.

Deliverables: Final Report, Final Materials and Final Accountabilities


A period of collaboration between the YKFM and the selected Contractor will better define, elaborate upon and fix the Contractor’s exact and final scope of work. This will be done no later than May 23rd, 2017.


The Project is to be completed on or before October 1, 2017 with final reporting in place. The Contractor will be responsible for paying for GST.

Questions: Questions can be submitted to France Benoit, Chair, Yellowknife Farmers Market (YKFM) at 867-873-1101 or by email at Questions will be answered within 2 business days via email with a return reply acknowledging receipt of the email.