Coordonnateur(trice) nutritionniste / Nutrition Table Coordinator

Yk Farmers Market
5 mai, 2017
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Submission deadline: May 23, 2017

Contract amount: $7,000.


The Yellowknife Farmers Market (YKFM) would like to offer information about vegetables (food techniques and nutrition) to the patrons of the YKFM by hosting a weekly nutrition table at the Market.

We propose to hire a contractor with the following general responsibilities:

  • Coordinate the planning and the demonstration of a weekly nutrition table at the YKFM every Tuesday, from 5:15 PM to 7:15 PM, from June 6 to September 19, 2017; the demonstration table will consist of showing the techniques to prepare one or two raw vegetable, to serve them raw or cooked, to offer tasting samples and to provide basic nutrition information and hand out recipes;
  • Coordinate the set up, the take down and the storage of the equipment and material of the weekly nutrition table;
  • Identify potential volunteers who could assist with the project and schedule their contribution ex: Nutritionists, Cooks, Speakers, Media;
  • Prepare weekly fiches on vegetable preparation techniques, recipes, nutrition information for 2 vegetables x 16 weeks= 32 fiches.
  • Identify and provide reliable on-line references ex: Dietetians of Canada, for food preparation, recipes and nutrition information;
  • Adapt the fiches and on-line references for 16 weekly postings on local media and social media;
  • Coordinate the purchases of the project ex: table, chairs, utensils, vegetables, printing, etc...;
  • Prepare the evaluation of the project by determining the indicators and the data collection methods;
  • Submit weekly and final activity/financial report of the project by September 29, 2017.

We are looking for a dynamic contractor who has experience with community development and food preparation.

Proposal Contents

Proposals should be brief and include the bidder’s description of the work that would be performed and the following information:

  • For each element describe the level work of work to be performed.
  • The person or team of people who would execute the work, with descriptions of the experiences and skills of each and his/her role in the team.
  • The name of the person in your firm who would be the official contact person for any contractual relationship.
  • Examples from past projects that reflect the deliverables and scope that are listed in the scope of work.
  • An action plan for the work.

Deliverables: 16 weekly nutrition tables, 32 printed and on-line vegetable information fiches, collected data for evaluation, weekly and final activity/financial reports.

After the selection of a Contractor the schedule should include a period of collaboration between YKFM and the Contractor to better define, elaborate upon and fix the Contractor’s exact and final scope of Work no later than May 29rd, 2017.

The Project is to be completed on or before October 1, 2017 with final reporting in place. The contractor will be responsible to pay for GST.

Questions: Questions can be submitted to Questions will be answered within 2 business days via email with a return reply acknowledging receipt of the email.

Please submit the proposal to by May 23, 2017.

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