CDETNO offers a wide range of customized, free and confidential services for French investors. The mission of our organization is to contribute to the economic development of the Northwest Territories, which offers unique investment potential. CDETNO promotes the NWT as an investment in Francophone markets in Canada and elsewhere. We are the conduit between NWT businesses and the national and international Francophone markets.


CDETNO’s operating principles for investment are:

  •    One-stop shop approach
  •    Networking
  •    Expertise in sectors that offer economic opportunities
  •    Prioritization of target market

Information services:

  • General
  • Economic
  • Financial and tax incentives
  • Locations and zoning
  • Research and development
  • Referral service (sectoral expertise)

Strategic assistance:

  •    Commercial and prospecting missions
  •    Developing Business partnerships
  •    Government relations
  •    Relations with Aboriginal people
  •    Introduction to the community
  •    Support to entrepreneurs


On the lookout for business opportunities? Think big. Invest in the NWT.
Whether you’re an entrepreneur wanting to explore the countless natural resources of the Northwest Territories, or you’re looking for business partnerships to develop your business in the North, InvestNWT  helps you find the right contact.

  •   Expert advice on subsidies and tax breaks as well as information on the highly qualified workforce
  •   Explore the wonders of the NWT: oil and gas, energy, mines and minerals, diamonds and furs are all excellent investments. Forge local partnerships and increase your chances of success in this rapidly growing economy.

For more information and to book an appointment:

William Gagnon

Economic Development Officer

867-873-5962 ext. 104


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